This is the official format for the Mystic Network ban appeal, this is where you can submit your temp bans/bans using the format provided. Please copy and paste this into a blank thread and fill the blanks

Ban Appeal Format

In-Game Name: (Must be your current IGN, make sure its case sensitive)

Your Current Rank: (Optional)

Who banned you: (It will tell you when attempting to log in)

Reason: (Reason showed when you attempt logging in)

Supporting Evidence: (Provide enough proof to backup your case in your appeal)

Why you feel you should be unbanned?: (Don't put one sentence, try to explain with detail what happened on the server)

Give us 3 answers on why you would like to be unbanned: (Explain in detail)

Have you previously been banned/muted/temp-banned or kicked off the server: (Please be honest)


Do you wish to also report the member of staff who banned you?: (For false ban, abuse, unprofessional manor etc)

Are you a usual troublemaker?: (Be honest, we will check)

Do you think this ban taught you your lesson?

Anything else you would like to mention?

Please note that it does take time for a response on your ban appeal. Make sure you when you submit your appeals that it follows the format above, if your appeal is not in the format it will be instantly denied. In order to submit your ban appeal copy the format above in the ban appeal section.

Thank you for reading!