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In-Game Name: (Must be your current IGN, make sure its case sensitive)

Your Current Rank: (Optional)

Who banned you: (It will tell you when attempting to log in)

Reason: (Reason showed when you attempt logging in)
Freecam (Hacks)

Supporting Evidence: (Provide enough proof to backup your case in your appeal)
Minecraft%20Versions_zpstkdlibud.png (I Have Removed My Hacks For Good)

Why you feel you should be unbanned?: (Don't put one sentence, try to explain with detail what happened on the server)
I Have Been Banned For Over 2 Months Now And As The Clocks Soon Turns To 2019 I Want To Start The Year With A New Clean Slate. I Feel Like Without The Server I Don't Have As Much To Do Anymore As The Server Was So Fun And Had So Much To Do.

Give us 3 answers on why you would like to be unbanned: (Explain in detail)
1. I Love The Server And When I Got Banned I Regretted It 100% And Each Day From Then I Have Regretted It More And More.
2. I Spent So Much Time On The Server, I Spent So Much Time On The Server It Was Hard To Accept The Fact That I Was Banned.
3. The Community Was Great And It Was So Fun To Be Involved In It Felt Amazing To Be Included In All The Things That Happened Such As The Events And Things Like That.

Have you previously been banned/muted/temp-banned or kicked off the server: (Please be honest)
No I Don't Think I Was

Apology: To All The Staff And Dan I Am So Sorry For Griefing The Server That You Own I Am Sorry That I Was The Type Of Person Who Would Do Those Things.
I Am Truly Sorry For Hacking And I Will Never Ever Do It Again. Please Give Me A Second Chance

Do you wish to also report the member of staff who banned you?: (For false ban, abuse, unprofessional manor etc)
No Thanks

Are you a usual troublemaker?: (Be honest, we will check)
Other Than Raiding Bases No

Do you think this ban taught you your lesson?
100% Yes I Have Learned My Lesson

Anything else you would like to mention?
Dan Im Sorry You Know Im Not All Bad I Always Gave You Suggestions And Tried To Talk With You About The Server And How It Worked.
Posted Dec 30, 18 · OP
Head Admin
Your Ban appeal is Accepted but please make sure you dont hack on the server thanks
The server is in whitelist at the moment for the restart hope to see you after the restart

Appeal Locked

Posted Jan 7, 19