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Denied Resolved Lunar_Dimension Ban Appeal

1 reply
In-Game Name: Lunar_Dimension

Your Current Rank: Water Lord (almost frost lord, I have enough money but i'm saving it for later :p)

Who banned you: Underscore Disco Jockey Daniel

Reason: Revealing personnal informations and accusations (basically when Dan cleared the chat, I said "[Server] _DJDan removed the evidence" as a way to make fun of him clearing the chat so we can't see earlier messages)

Supporting Evidence: Evidence of what? Suspend the ban appeal to explain what it is in dm.

Why you feel you should be unbanned?: Well JoostFrankie and I were informed from... you know... "mister baltop 1" that he had access to the co owner's account and he used gamemode 1 to get tnt then placing it in people's base and blowing it up. We have screenshots taken in the chat and saved onto a discord server. I've informed the co-owner, you can ask him. Or if he's reading this, hello co owner ;3

Give us 3 answers on why you would like to be unbanned:
- First of all, I would like to be unbanned because this is by far the most op faction server I've ever joined by far. In topg, this server is pretty low but the first ones are FAR from being as op as this one. It reminded me of an old op faction server who closed a year ago. That's why I felt nostalgic the first days on this server.
- Second of all, I have a quite important role in the faction. I collect stuff in supply events. It doesnt seem like much but when everyone is afk, the warp supply is all mine. The reason why it's op is because spawners are really expensive. Claiming territory on chests filled with spawners highers the economy of the faction on /f top drastically. We managed to surpass Shadow's faction economy once. Shadow... the richest of the rich in all of the server BY FAR... And we are nothing next to him. But we somehow manage to surpass him. And with my help as the one player who has fun doing his job of collecting the most stuff in a supply event.
- Third and last awnser is that I didn't spend all of this time on the server for nothing. See, I've misssed a lot of days of holidays playing that server, I didn't even finish a single homework. I'm having fun all day playing. It has one of the most friendly community of regular players I've seen. I've progressed a lot and my work is improving everyday. I started building all kinds of monster farms on my own, I helped building NoHaxJustDream12's base etc...

Have you previously been banned/muted/temp-banned or kicked off the server: Yes, banned 7 weeks for a very bad word written on a sign that was not supposed to be seen by anyone since it was a hidden underground base which could only be discovered either with X-Ray or some sort of exploit with F3 that I don't really understand. I think seven days for a word on a sign is too much considering this is a single word on a single sign that cannot be seen by anybody since this is a personal base. But we're not here to debate about that.
Oh and I got muted once because saying sh*t and f*ck is a reflex when I make something bad...

Apology: I apologise for agreeing with joostfrankie's accusation and I won't ever accuse you or any staff of boosting shadow or any baltop players...

Do you wish to also report the member of staff who banned you?: I can't report the owner, can I?

Are you a usual troublemaker?: I usually stay away from any drama. Once, I used my skill in french to help a staff stop a french cheater who was using a macro on his mouse.

Do you think this ban taught you your lesson? : I guess it taught me that I should sometimes shut up when I want to confirm what somebody who has been banned said earlier. I don't talk that much but when it's getting serious, damn I'm going crazy

Anything else you would like to mention?: Yes. Is the Drop Party friday or saturday? or sunday?

and fluttershy is best pony, don't @ me
Posted Feb 20, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 26, 19
Denied for disrespecting owner and lack of strong enough evidence and now will be perm ipbanned
Posted Feb 21, 19