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Accepted Resolved Shadowplayz123's Ban Appeal

1 reply
In-Game Name: ShadowPlayz123

Your Current Rank: I don't know

Who banned you: Walker_Slide

Reason: X-Ray

Supporting Evidence: My .Minecraft Versions Folder | I don't use Vape | I play on badlion client | I don't use Flux | Became Staff on a server and got demoted for not getting on one day.

Why you feel you should be unbanned?: I have stopped cheating and I have started playing legit as I showed in the screenshots I have stated playing on badlion client a pvp client, I became staff on other servers to help stop other players from cheating/hacking, and I feel that I could benefit the server by helping other players out and stuff like that

Give us 3 answers on why you would like to be unbanned: Like I said before I became staff on another server to help catch and ban hackers, I have gone legit and have stopped hacking and started playing on the badlion pvp client, and I feel that I could help the server out in various ways

Have you previously been banned/muted/temp-banned or kicked off the server: other than the ban I'm currently appealing I have previously been ip banned for cheating and ban evading and one of my accounts have also been banned for owner disrespect

Apology: I am sorry for cheating and disrespecting the owner I will never cheat again or disrespect anyone on the staff team im a truly sorry and I hope you will give me one more chance.

Do you wish to also report the member of staff who banned you?: (For false ban, abuse, unprofessional manor etc) No

Are you a usual troublemaker?: (Be honest, we will check) I am not a usual troublemaker anymore I am more mature than that to start fights in game chat and to disrespect any staff member or player and I sure am more mature than to use a crappy little hacked client

Do you think this ban taught you your lesson? Yes I do think this ban taught me my lesson

Anything else you would like to mention? No there is not
Posted Mar 10, 19 · OP
I will unban you, however if any of my high staff see that you are hacking again, you will be permanently banned and you will not be able to come back.
Posted Mar 14, 19
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