Server News/Updates

I would like apologize to everyone that due to a mistake that I made at the weekend due to misclick. This has affected a few players files so some player may experience some loss of homes, money etc. I am sorry for this we here at Mystic network will find a way to it up to the players and staff for this inconvenience. This has not just affected players some staff may have lost some of their homes and money but high staff will make it up to those players and the rest of the server. I will be planning a special op drop party when I feel the server is at a good enough for me to un-whitelist the server. 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused to this unfortunate event that has occurred. I will try to make this not happen again, sorry for the long delay but things can take a time to resolve issues with plugins and restate certain things that are needed for the server. I can now say with some more positive news that the world and player vaults are unaffected if there are things not working please inform a staff member if any of the staff fail to find any things that are needed to be fixed. Also, all Mcmmo data has had a complete reset due to this event. 

I am hoping to get the server un-whitelisted when things are fixed as again sorry for this amount of delay.